Meet Victoria

After working in the city for 15 years I set my heart on the idea of creating my own company, ByVictoriaClark. Helping others to get things sorted has been a real passion of mine ever since I was young, and now I get to make that passion a business.
I grew up close to my grandfather who always inspired me. He had a place for everything, kept his books in alphabetical order by author in the library, and even had a list in the freezer to always know what was in there. I loved his organisation and often wondered why everyone didn’t do this too. Well… I soon learnt as I grew up that the answer is time!
I am very conscious of the impact that mental health can have on our environment, and vice versa. I have dealt with many close friend’s struggles as well as my own and know how it can make it even harder to get on top of organising. I truly believe that with a clearer home we have a clearer mind, helping us to focus more and feel more content in our surroundings.
Taking the stress and overwhelming nature out of tidying is what I am here for, helping you through it every step of the way. Finding some peace and space!
Equally I never expect it always to stay perfect. Life isn’t that easy. We can try and hopefully I can implement strategies and manageable systems to help but I am always happy to return to have a refresh once in a while to help you stay on top of it and check it’s working for you. 


House Moves
Everyone says that moving house is one of the most stressful times of our lives. So why not make it easier? I can help you sort through your things and reduce the amount you pack for less unpacking, less boxes, and less stress. I am also happy to help you move into your new home. From unpacking to organising your new space, I can ease some of the stress of moving – I love moving house ! ( I think I might be the only one!) 

Organising Your Space
Whether it be an entire house, a smaller space such as a cupboard or wardrobe, or an individual room (perhaps the kids’ playroom or the garage, for example), I can take the hassle out of clearing and tidying.

Private PA / Admin Work
Once you’ve moved its then the hassle of changing your address on everything. Where possible, I can take this task off your shoulders.
I am also available for general private pa work too if required. 

Selling, Donating, and Teaching You How
When helping you to organise your space, we will separate items into whether we will keep, donate, recycle, or sell them. 
With donating, we can choose for you to donate & take them to your favourite charity shop, or I can donate myself to the charities I work with. 
With selling, I am happy to provide a 90 minute lesson to teach you how to use sites such as eBay, Vinted, Facebook Market Place, and Olio. Alternatively, (if this service is available at the time of our session) I can sell and process items myself for 50% of the profit after packaging costs and any selling fees. This service includes storing, photographing, listing, product research, communicating with potential buyers and posting each item. If no sale has been made within two months, we can either donate the item with your agreement or you can try to sell it yourself.

Individual Zoom Sessions 
This can be to teach you how to use – Ebay – Vinted – Facebook market place – Olio… face to face can be arranged if suitable availability plus travel costs are covered. 

Consultation & Fees 

I am happy to offer a 30 minute free consultation via phone or zoom where we can discuss your requirements and determine the best approach. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. After assessing the situation, we can discuss potential solutions and decide on the most effective course of action. 

If you would like face to face / in your home this can be arranged – priced to location and time. 
There is no obligation or rush to book after our consultation.

Per hour £40 (2 hours minimum booking required) 

Day rate £300 (9am – 5pm) – Sometimes projects might need a little more time, so if we go over, an hourly rate of £40 will be applied. 

Evenings (6pm onwards), weekends & bank holidays £50 per hour

Teaching sessions £65 (90 minutes) plus travel if face to face. 

Gift vouchers are available for purchase – please contact us for further details. 

Donate some time … 
£20 half an hour  |  £40 hour 

I am also offering clients and anyone who would like the option to donate ‘time’. 
This in turn will be donated to those less fortunate, who are unable to afford these services, but who’s lives would really benefit from some help.
I will be working with local charities and depending on the hours donated per month will then help others organising their living spaces  / helping sort their homes as much as I can. 

50% deposit to be paid upon booking. 

For locations within 30 miles from Newquay, Cornwall travel costs are included. For locations further than this, travel is charged at 45p per mile. I am more than happy to travel as far as needed. 

Parking charges / tolls / congestion charges will also be applied. 
If a hotel stay is required, I will happily find a simple Travelodge or Airbnb which will also be applied to your final invoice.

ByVictoriaClark can buy / source any storage items needed with the clients prior agreement. This will all then be itemised and applied to the final invoice. 


I have full liability and indemnity insurance. 
I am registered with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and the APDO.  (Association Of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, UK) 

What previous clients have to say

Kind and empathetic in her approach

“Working with Victoria has been an absolute blessing. She came into our home and helped us to clear and sell all of our unwanted items. We never anticipated being able to actually make money from our old items, but Victoria was incredibly determined to bring returns our way – even for the very smallest of items! She was professional, proactive, kind and empathetic in her approach. From the moment she came into our house, we felt at ease and she really motivated us to tackle the stuff that had been taking up space both physically, and mentally. The results have meant a calmer, happier and more organised home environment. We would highly recommend Victoria and her services to anyone looking to make positive changes for themselves and their family! Thank you so much Victoria!!”

Mr & Mrs Fassam, Blackheath, London.

I now have much more storage space

“When I retired and moved to Cornwall, I had a large number of good clothes, some of them designer dresses, that I no longer wore. Some still had their labels attached.  And also, having lost some weight, many were now too big.  So I engaged Victoria to help me sort through my wardrobes and organise what I still did wear.  We sorted through three large wardrobes, putting items in one of three piles; one for those still worn, one for the charity shop and one for saleable items.  She took away the saleable items and posted their details on various websites, carefully selecting the most appropriate platform for the item to be sold.  I was pleasantly surprised that many of these sold for good prices, making me, in total, richer by several hundreds of pounds! And I now have much more storage space, making it easier for me to keep my house tidy!”

Mrs A Fox, Carlyon Bay, Cornwall. 

Efficient and knows the value of things

“Victoria came into my home and did a fantastic job de cluttering my garage. … it’s opened my eyes.  She is efficient and knows the value of things. She is always on time with a lovely smile and can solve any problems in the house as well as get rid of all your junk.”

Mr Woods, Esher, Surrey.

We couldn’t have moved without her

“Moving House – We had our second baby a few days before Christmas and with an energetic 4 year old too it was going to be an impossible task to move house about a week later. Luckily Victoria was available and able to help us pack. She helped with the endless about of kids toys and labelled all the boxes so we knew what was where. She also sorted all the baby clothes into sizes and so they were ready to be put straight into the drawers in the new house. On the day of the move she kindly helped organise everything, even directing the removal men whilst Victoria made sure all the smaller boxes were put into the right rooms herself.  She unpacked and organised our new kitchen cupboards so well we could find everything easily. We couldn’t have moved without her! Thank you so much for coming all the way up here so soon after Christmas.”

Mr & Mrs Burgess, Arlesey, Bedfordshire.

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